Organic health supplements for you, your home and your animals.

Our sustainably sourced products are of the highest quality and packaged in biodegradable bags.

Increases Stamina & Muscle Strength
Relieves Stress and Anxiety
Balances Blood Sugars
Boosts Immune Function
Improves Thyroid Function

chia seeds

Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids
Rich in antioxidants
Provides 40% of your daily fiber
Protects against heart attack and stroke.
Can lower blood sugar levels

Improves Joint & Ligament Health
Helps Prevent Osteoporosis
Detoxifies & Removes Heavy Metals
Better Liver & Colon Function
Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails
Improves Digestion

Fights Colds
Boosts the Immune System
Supports Healthy Digestion
Helps fight Chronic Inflammation
Stabilises Blood Sugar Levels
Cleanses the Liver

A healthy alternative to chocolate
A great source of serotonin and magnesium
Rich in heart friendly polyphenols and antioxidants
Can improve glucose metabolism
Suitable for diabetics

Builds lean muscle
Boosts energy levels and libido
A rich source of vitamins and amino acids
A rich source of fibre and protein
Balances hormones

Boosts the Immune System
Reduces Sugar Cravings
Cleanses the Colon
Decreases Osteoporosis Risk
Improves Heart Health
Increases Protein Intake


We have a strong commitment to protecting the environment, and have put enormous effort into sourcing fully recyclable packaging.

Our products are of the highest quality and nutrient-dense, grown with absolutely no pesticides. They have been sourced from suppliers who prioritise sustainability.


I’ve been using Diatomaceous Earth for nearly 5 years now and quite honestly say I’ve finally found my Healthy Hallelujah!

These are just some of the health benefits I’ve been enjoying using DE…A wonderful increase in my energy and stamina.My skin is smoother and firmer now. I used to have brittle, soft nails with ridges….now they’re strong and smooth. I used to suffer from hair fall/loss/thinning…now I’ve got my mane back! The biggest thing friends and family comment on are the anti-aging effects.

It is very, very affordable too.

I’m so happy and grateful to Gordon from Willow Organic Farm for having the vision and insight to make this available in Ireland.

I’ve just received my first bag of pest grade to use for my pets now too and looking forward to treating them to the very best of healthy living too.

Paula Cummins – Dublin

get rid of vine weevils from containers
Chemical Cleaning Products
natural face mask made with Diatomaceous Earth
Plum and Beetroot Smoothie

Diatomaceous Earth Supplements for Healthy People Animals and Homes

Pest Grade

Eliminates Bed Bugs, Lice, Red Mite, Fleas Ticks, Tapeworm, Heartworm, Mange..and more!

Food Grade

As a health supplement. DE has so many uses! Increased energy, healthier skin, hair, teeth…

Animal Grade

A natural supplement for livestock and pets. A natural wormer. Eliminates parasites.