How to make a natural face mask made with Diatomaceous Earth

How to make a natural face mask

How to make a natural face mask to promote healthier and clearer skin

Because DE is so fine, and so rich in sea algae minerals, it makes a wonderful facial exfoliant and mask. Like any of the more expensive facial scrubs DE is able to remove microscopic deposits of dirt, oils, and dead skin cells that dull the skin. Here is how to make a natural face mask –

DE contains silica, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and phosphorous which is great news because these essential minerals can be absorbed through the skin. DE is beneficial to all skin types, but is a particularly popular treatment for acne and oily skin.


1. Make a thick paste by mixing about 3 tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth with 1 tablespoon of filtered water, milk or diluted honey. You can also add coconut oil or essential oils like lavender.

2. Gently massage the paste onto your face and then let the paste set for 2-5 minutes.

3. Remove with a warm washcloth using small, circular movements. This is when the most exfoliation occurs. Avoid using this scrub near the eyes or damaged skin.

4. Moisturise immediately afterwards.