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We are a small business based in the west of Ireland – we offer a friendly personal service specialising in the supply of competitively-priced, top quality health supplements to those who value non-toxic, natural products.


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Happy Clients …

“I want to thank you for selling such an excellent product. I am so grateful that I can buy this in Ireland as 100% natural. The service was prompt and Gordon was a really genuine person to deal with.

I have been using diatomaceous earth for nearly 3 months and have noticed a tremendous change in my health.  I’m stunned by the results. I took one treatment daily for three days and then increased it to two treatments daily. I originally inquired about this product as a parasite cleanse. From what I had read DE addresses (parasites, candida, heavy metal and pesticide toxicity, infections, etc). I work as a holistic practitioner and need a complete detox regularly. Taking this product daily has given me confidence that I am immune to any parasites that I might come in contact with.

I discovered as a bonus I seem to have more energy during the day. I’ve also noticed my hair and nails growing faster. I can’t believe how fast and strong they are growing. My complexion has also become clearer.  I also love the way it makes my teeth feel when I dip my toothbrush in it. Most importantly, pain from a car accident I had two years ago seems to be lessening! Amazing!

I also received the animal grade to use on my small madra. I dislike using chemicals on her or our house. I have found that she has had no fleas since beginning to use the product on her. Her hair seems healthier too. The only downside is that I have to trim her nails more often because these are also growing at a fast rate.

I have been using it to dust down my carpets and furniture, leave for a day and then hoover it all up. It gives me the security that there are no critters being left in my soft furnishings from the dog. I’ve been sprinkling on the earth of my plants and the ones that suffer regularly from greenfly I have dusted the leaves and lo-and-behold the green fly has disappeared completely.

I have come across a recipe to use it for cosmetics and shampoos. This will be my next experiment. As you can tell, I have been using DM Earth for everything, with amazing results. I wish I had discovered this product earlier. DE is amazingly inexpensive, so try it and get everyone you know to use Nature’s own gift to become a picture of health and vitality.”