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Get Rid of Vine Weevils

Recently we received an email from a customer telling us that she is using Diatomaceous Earth to combat Vine Weevils. So we thought we would share some information about how to do this, since no doubt there are many others of you that have come across this problem. Vine weevils are beetles that cause terrible […]

Non-toxic Cleaning Paste

Last week I had my NCT and failed on a lightbulb not working properly. I was delighted – because my car is an 04 and so getting on in age a bit. Nothing else was wrong with the old girl. When I took it in to be fixed my mechanic brought out the machine that […]

How to make a natural face mask

How to make a natural face mask to promote healthier and clearer skin Because DE is so fine, and so rich in sea algae minerals, it makes a wonderful facial exfoliant and mask. Like any of the more expensive facial scrubs DE is able to remove microscopic deposits of dirt, oils, and dead skin cells […]


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