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Get Rid of Vine Weevils

Recently we received an email from a customer telling us that she is using Diatomaceous Earth to combat Vine Weevils. So we thought we would share some information about how to do this, since no doubt there are many others of you that have come across this problem. Vine weevils are beetles that cause terrible […]

Non-toxic Cleaning Paste

Last week I had my NCT and failed on a lightbulb not working properly. I was delighted – because my car is an 04 and so getting on in age a bit. Nothing else was wrong with the old girl. When I took it in to be fixed my mechanic brought out the machine that […]

Delicious Smoothie recipe using Diatomaceous Earth

Drinking a smoothie is such a delicious way to include Diatomaceous Earth in your daily routine. First thing in the morning or as an energy boosting snack during the day just add 1 tsp of Food Grade DE to your favourite smoothie. Here is one of our favourite Plum Recipes. Plum and Beetroot Smoothie Ingredients […]

Recipe: Diatomaceous Earth, Apple and Kale Power Smoothie

This recipe is a great way to add Diatomaceous Earth to your daily food intake is to make Smoothies – just add your Diatomaceous Earth food grade to boost your daily nutrition. First thing in the morning or whenever you fancy a burst of energy during the day why not add your daily Food Grade […]

How to prevent Red Mites in Chickens

Red mites are small parasitic mites that live in your chicken coop in the daytime and feed off the blood of your chickens at night. They can live in all types of chicken coops. The time it takes for a mite to go from egg to adult is 7 days. As you can imagine this […]

Natural Flea Treatment

Natural Flea Treatment for your Pets. Pest Grade Diatomaceous Earth  dusted directly onto your cat or dog is an easy and natural way to treat fleas. Rub the powder gently through their coat and repeat again in two weeks. At the same time you can sprinkle some on their bed. You will have a happy pet […]